IDEALLY Clarkson College

Clarkson College, steadfast in its commitment to fostering an inclusive, diverse, and thriving community, embraces the "IDEALLY" framework as the cornerstone of our institutional ethos. This framework, rooted in principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, Liberation, Love, and affirmation through "Yes," encapsulates our dedication to creating a campus environment where every individual feels valued, heard, and empowered. By intertwining these tenets with our College's mission and values, we aim to forge a dynamic educational landscape that constantly evolves to mirror the richness of human experience. Dive deeper into each element of "IDEALLY" to understand our vision for a bright, inclusive future at Clarkson College.


Inclusion – active engagement across forms of difference.

  • Clarkson College welcomes all populations and recognizes their unique contributions to the organization.
  • We encourage authentic and empowered participation that stems from a true sense of belonging.
  • It is more than just a seat at the table – it is a voice in key discussions and a vote in decision-making processes.

Diversity – factors that contribute to how we, as individuals, experience the world.

  • Clarkson College acknowledges the infinite ways in which we differ from one another.
  • Birth demographics can include age, race and sex assigned at birth.
  • Personal demographics can include communication style, educational background, and socio-economic status.
  • We assert that unity is possible without requiring uniformity.

Equity – intentional approach to creating solutions accounting for an individual’s life experiences and/or circumstances.

  • Clarkson College extends singular opportunities to individuals and groups so they can enjoy full, healthy lives both personally and professionally.
  • We understand that not everyone starts from the same place or needs the same things.
  • Achieving equity is a process that addresses and corrects disparities.

Access – an open-door approach to providing educational opportunities and resources for all.

  • Clarkson College provides entry points for meaningful engagement to everyone regardless of ability, background, or experience.
  • We build systems and processes that seek out historically marginalized and underrepresented groups so they may benefit from and contribute to the success of the institution.
  • Reciprocal relationships are sustained through conscientious and continued dialogue.

Liberation – acknowledging, combatting and removing the roots of oppression.

  • Clarkson College participates in efforts to effect real and lasting change in the social systems that constrict and restrict all our lives.
  • We dismantle systemic and institutional oppression on micro, mezzo, and macro scales.
  • It is the triumphant freedom to fully express every facet of identity unapologetically.

Love – deep appreciation of and respect for the dynamic complexities of humanity.

  • Clarkson College leads with heart.
  • We root ourselves in nonjudgment and positivity as we navigate change and overcome adversity.
  • The success of our College community is tethered to the heartstrings that connect us to each other, the Omaha metropolitan area, and indeed the world.

Yes – affirming actions and behaviors that build and sustain a culture of belonging.

  • Clarkson College believes these statements to be true and good.
  • The definition for each tenet is fluid and full of life, readily malleable as the language and discourse for these concepts evolve over time.
  • Combined with the Mission and Values of our great College, this framework permits everyone to become “IDEALLY Clarkson College.”



- Created July 2022 by Michael Ehrecke, People and Culture Administrator at Clarkson College
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